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DVD Organizer Pro is a movie collection manager with easy movie handling
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20 February 2009

Editor's review

If you are a die hard movies addict, then you must have a huge DVD collection of your favorite movies. However, with the increasing number of movies being added to your collection, it must be getting cumbersome to find a specific movie from the large number of files placed in different folders. However, such hassles can largely be avoided by organizing your movies tagged with details, thereby making them easily accessible whenever required. For the purpose, you just need to try out the DVD Organizer Pro 5.3. It’s a competent movie organizer program, which supports you in managing the DVD, AVI, Bluray, along with the VHS movies. In addition to the movie management, the utility can help keeping the records of loans and movie history, and derive the movie details from web, once you enter title of the movie or scan movie barcode.

Sporting an impressive interface, the DVD Organizer Pro 5.3 comes across as a potent application that can streamline your video collection in quick time. With the options provided on the menu bar, you can create new database, and begin adding your favorite movies to it. With the Database option, you can create new database, open or reopen an existing one, append, create its backup, set password protection, and also can share it with friends. After the database is created, now its time to record movies path and info by using provided options; Add, Add DVD, Add DVD by Bar Code, and Add From File. Along with this, you can edit the information, add cover, insert screenshot, record loan/returns, and print movie card or entire collection. Further, with the program’s help, you can sort, filter, and search movies by defining the parameters. In addition to these functions, the utility supports features to generate playlist, suggest a movie, view statistics, import data from text/excel, export data record to HTML/CHM/plain text/ Excel/PDF/ PDA device, scan system drives for movies, update IMDb details, and various others to line up.

DVD Organizer Pro 5.3 aids you in managing and organizing your movies and their related records to make them easily accessible, whenever needed. Citing its optimum performance and its user friendliness, it has justifiably been assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

DVD Organizer Pro is a really universal movie organizer, you can use the program to manage your DVD, Bluray, AVI or even VHS movies. You do not need to type all the movie details, just type the movie title or scan the barcode and you'll get the rest movie details automatically.
Built-in loan manager will keep the history of all your loans and track every movie in your collection. You will never lose your favourite disc again.
Already have a movie database in MS Excel or other program? DVD Organizer Pro will import all your movies fast.
Want to export your database in some format or put it on your website? DVD Organizer Pro is able to export to HTML, CSV, MS Excel, PDF and CHM formats. Make a tabletop movie catalog with built-in print manager, impress your friends!
Want more? Yes, DVD Organizer Pro has many other features as well as intuitive interface. You see, DVD Organizer Pro is a must-have easy-ti-use tool for every movie lover. Download it today and don't forget to try it, since it is free.
DVD Organizer Pro
DVD Organizer Pro
Version 5.3
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